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Is everybody enjoying GTAV! I sure am! :D Anyway, glad to see the group growing! so many incredible pieces submitted recently! Lets keep it up! :)
Wow! just finished watching the first GTA 5 trailer; very very cool. and its confirmed, the upcoming game will be set in San Andreas. actually; as far as i can tell, the trailer only showed Los Santos, which is awesome, though i hope they include San Fiero and Las Venturas. Well, i hope in comes out soon.  

Sare your thoughts... :D
Awesome! GTA 5 is coming soon! Rockstargames will launch the first gta5 trailer on 11. 02. 11! im super pumped for this; im sure we all are! the legacy continues...

check it out:

anyway, aside from this great news, our group is coming along nicely and growing fairly fast. Im sure itll grow even more when gta5 comes out! :D were looking forward to seeing future fan art from veteren R* artists and new comers! :)
We are all anxiously awaiting Patrick Brown's upcoming GTA 4 masterpiece! I'm sure itll be amazing!
Well we're up and running! Feel free to join and submit related artwork! (rockstargames fan art) Please ask any questions! :D

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